There are those who would have you believe that a country's voting system makes little difference to the everyday lives of its citizens — that the question of the Alternative Vote is one best left to political anoraks and people who want to sound well-informed at dinner parties.

To those people, I say: "Well, in that case this website's a complete waste of time and I shouldn't have bothered making it!"

But as easy as it is to be swayed by such powerful arguments as these, you deserve the opportunity to decide for yourself — in an arena untroubled by propaganda, confusion, and common sense, and where the politicians are almost as crazy as in real life.

Good luck.


Based on detailed psychological profiling of politicians from throughout history, the computer has generated a set of candidates and extrapolated various believable campaign pledges for them. Your job is to try to elect the least criminally insane one.

You get points if the winner's policies are good, and you lose points if they're bad. Take a look at how they're doing in the polls and think about whether to vote tactically.




Oh, and this all happens separately for the different voting systems, so you can see for yourself which you prefer.


First Past The Post

Alternative Vote